Updated August 2020


As of September 1, 2020, all class sign-ups will be through MINDBODY. This will include virtual classes, outdoor classes, hybrid classes, and any special events. The schedule will be released on a weekly basis via Facebook, Instagram, and email until further notice. Classes will be sold as single sessions and we will not offer regular packages or memberships at this time. If you have a class package that you purchased prior to 3/14/20 and would like to use those classes, please contact us and we will provide details for a “booster” pack that will supplement your previous purchase and allow you to book classes using the previously purchased package.
 If you cancel a class reservation within the late-cancel window (12 hours before class begins) or do not show up for class, you will not be refunded for the class or offer a reservation transfer.
Prior to attending each class, you will be required to answer a quick survey about your recent activity. We ask that you answer the survey truthfully. If you do not submit a response or pass the pre-screen, you will be unable to join the class. Also, if you exhibit any signs of illness – temperature above or below normal, excessive coughing or sneezing, or do not feel well – we ask that you do not attend class. Even if you are not feeling well and received a negative result on a COVID-19 test, you must refrain from joining class.
If you do have COVID-19, we ask that you do not attend class for at least 14 days after being retested and receiving a negative test result. If you were knowingly around someone within the past 14 days who tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you stay home.
If you have any questions or concerns about the pre-screening process, please reach out to us directly.


Please review the below procedures. These were created to keep everyone safe, healthy, and comfortable during their time at the studio.

  • Prescreen – You must pass a pre-screen as mentioned above.
  • Physical Distance – In-studio, we require that everyone be respectful of personal space and agree to maintain a safe distance (6+ feet) from others, which includes the instructor.
  • Masks/Face Coverings – You are not required to wear a mask and/or face covering during class, but we do ask that you wear one before/after class. Instructors will be wearing face coverings for the duration of class for your safety and for their own.
  • Sanitization – We kindly ask that you use sanitizer and proper handwashing before/after class. We have sanitization stations at the studio, however, your hands will likely be inside of your own gloves during boxing classes that require equipment. The studio will be sanitized on a daily basis. Any common/shared and high-touch spaces will be thoroughly cleaned before and after every class. We will also clean all equipment and will not share equipment that requires hand touching. The exception are the bags, but bags will be cleaned in between use with sanitization wipes and will only be touched with covered hands (gloves and/or wraps).
  • Storage – Please do not bring any extra items to class or into the studio. Kindly leave your bag, clothing, or other items at home so you do not have to store anything during class. You may, however, bring a water bottle and towel. Please note that we are not responsible for any items left inside your car.
  • Water/Towels – At this time, we will not be offering water stations or towels. Please bring your own water and towel for use during the class. We will have water for purchase in case you need a refill.
  • Purchases – Any in-studio purchases (water, apparel, etc.) must be cashless. These items can be paid for through your MINDBODY account (you must have a credit card on file to use this option) or via Venmo.
  • Restrooms – You may use the restroom on the first floor at the studio. Please be kind and aware to ensure you are practicing proper handwashing.
  • In/Out Doors – The front main door is labeled as “in” and will be the door you use to enter the studio. The door at the back of the studio will be used as the “out” door used to exit the building. Please only enter through the front and exit through the back. The exception is the instructor who will be able to enter through the “in” door and exit through the secondary front door (which is marked with an “out” sign).
These policies and procedures were introduced to maintain the health and safety of everyone who chooses to enter the space. If you prefer to not follow these new policies and procedures, we would prefer that you do not join our classes. Also, if you fail to comply with any of the policies or procedures, we will request that you do not return to the studio.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us and we will get back to you.