Indoor Cycling Gear Recommendations

We get a lot of questions about what one should wear or use for indoor cycling classes…so we decided to make a list of the products we use and love the most.

Indoor cycling shoes – Once you cycle for a bit and decide you love it, you may want to consider purchasing your own indoor cycling shoes, which will help optimize your performance on the bike. Indoor cycling shoes have clips on the bottom and have a hard sole, which allows your foot to push and pull on the pedals to ensure your entire leg is putting in the work. The good news is that indoor cycling shoes are often compatible with outdoor bikes and they last for quite a few years (my last pair didn’t need to be replaced for seven years!). Here are a few to consider:

Water bottle – While you can absolutely choose any type of water bottle, the bottles that work best while cycling are those that have a pop-top and do not require you to unscrew the top. This will allow you to keep your hands on the handlebars and continue pedaling without worrying about screwing/unscrewing the top and the potential of dropping the top and having it roll about on the floor. I mean, we know that you won’t fall off if you let go of the handlebars, but it’s just easier to not have to let go. Try any of these:

Hope this recommendations help!