Our 45-minute, high-intensity interval training indoor cycling workout sessions will get your blood pumping and give you that cardio burn. The carefully choreographed 45-minutes will lead you through speed and resistance on the state-of-the-art Keiser M3i indoor bicycles – all while being motivated and inspired. We also offer 30-minute cycle classes (CycleX) and other combination class offerings. Read below for more details!

Our indoor cycling classes include:

Cycle – Our 45-minute carefully choreographed cycle class is a high-intensity ride on our state-of-the-art Keiser M3i bikes that use Bluetooth technology to track your stats. We keep a small class of 22 and the instructors pay attention to form and movement throughout the class to ensure you’re getting the best ride. All our cycling classes are challenging and fun, and combine hills, flats, and sprints for an excellent cardio-focused interval training workout. You will leave feeling challenged, energized, and FUELED UP as you pedal toward your goals each and every class.unnamed

CycleX – It’s our regular cycle class packed into an express 30-minutes full of high-intensity intervals set to an invigorating playlist.

Cycle + Arms – Our 45-minute cycle class followed by an off-the-bike 8-12 minute arm circuit focusing on all the major arm, shoulder, and back muscle groups

Cycle + Core – Our 45-minute cycle class followed by an off-the-bike 8-12 minute ab circuit that targets each part of your core to build strength.

Pedal + Pose™ – This class combines 30 minutes of a cardio-focused high-intensity indoor cycling ride followed by a 30-minute Vinyasa-style yoga flow. Get all the cardio benefits in the first 30 minutes, then focus on stretching and elongating your muscles through a focused organized yoga practice.

Pedal + Punch – Our FUEL Cycle Fitness signature class is the first class in the area to combine a 30-minute high-intensity indoor cycling class followed by 30 minutes of a sweat-inducing, calorie-blasting boxing session – complete with heavy bags and mitt work – to give you a full FUEL CYCLE: cardio, strength, and cross-training workout!

Pedal + Pump™ – This intense 30-minute cycle class will give you a great cardio burn. The following 30 minutes focus on off-the-bike strength training targeting all the muscles you don’t use during a cycle class. The class combines upper body, core, and lower body exercises so you leave a little bit stronger and definitely feeling that full body workout.

Pedal + Pulse– This class is a 75-minute cardio/barre-inspired strength class that combines 30 minutes of our intense cycle class format followed by 45 minutes of a barless barre-type workout (lead by our barre-certified instructor) that focuses on strengthening every muscle group through a carefully planned 45-minute strength and stretch program.

Cycle + Circuit™ – Our newest addition to our unique FUEL combo classes, Cycle + Circuit is an on and off-the-bike workout that is formatted in 4-minute segments. The class begins with a warm-up and first song, then alternating on and off the bike segments that focus on cardio and strength exercises.

What to Bring…

  • Wear exercise clothes. There are private changing stalls available if you need to change.
  • Bring a water bottle (we have water stations for refills).
  • Bring a towel or you can use our complimentary towels.
  • Optional: Bring your own cycle shoes (the bikes are compatible with standard SPD clips). If you do not have cycle shoes, no problem – you can wear your sneakers and our pedals have cages to keep your foot in place!