Thank you for joining us. We know this is a challenging time for so many, but we are – and always will be – dedicated to offering workouts + workshops to FUEL the Cycle of Fitness for our FUEL Fam + Friends!

Studies show that exercise is a great way to boost your mood and feel good about yourself. We have always used fitness as a way to build strength, confidence, and community. So here is a workout for you – for all levels – that you can do at home. No experience necessary. No equipment is necessary. And if you like the class, sign up for our FUEL Your Best Workouts + Workshops so you can check out our other LIVE class options and replays.

(note: please consult a physician prior to engaging in any workout or exercise program. Consult a certified trainer to ensure you have proper form. Not doing so may result in injury.)

30-Minute Bodyweight EMOM DemandLab Workout

 EMOM = Every minute, on the minute

Suitable for all levels, no experience required

How to do it:

  • Set a timer for one-minute intervals.
  • The goal is to complete each exercise within the minute.
  • If you finish before the minute is over, you get to rest for the remainder of the minute.
  • Exercises are completed for either a specified amount of time or reps (see the parenthesis).

Repeat the set of 10 exercises listed below for a total of 2-3 times. After completing the first set, increase the intensity if/when you can. The goal is to get through all of the exercises the best you can – quality over quantity.

Begin with a 3-minute warm-up

  1. High knees (30s)
  2. Mt. Climbers (30s)
  3. 12 Reverse lunges with knee drive (right side)
  4. 12 Reverse lunges with knee drive (left side)
  5. 20 squats
  6. 10 pushups
  7. Wall sit (40s)
  8. Side plank (right side) (40s)
  9. Side plank (left side) (40s)
  10. 10 burpees (optional pushup at the bottom)