Which class and workout is best for you?

At FUEL Cycle Fitness, we have a variety of signature workouts that focus on different aspects of fitness. If you want to give a class a try, but you aren’t sure which one, check out these options and which of our workouts will get you closer to achieving your goals.

Are you new to working out?

All of our classes are for any level. When it comes to cycling, you are in control of your resistance and speed. So if you are newer, you can begin with a lower gear and keep a speed that is comfortable for you. If you are more experienced, you can follow along and use your watts/power to push you to reach your optimal performance. And if you’re in the middle, then follow along to the instructor cues and you will absolutely work up a sweat!

Do you enjoy cardio?

While all of our classes incorporate some sort of cardio, cycling is the most cardio-intensive. Our instructors lead the class through quick and slow intervals, bursts with resistance, and challenge you to move our legs and push to get “out of breath” for short bursts. This type of workout is great for improving your cardiovascular fitness and increasing your endurance. You can also try our Boxing + Beats class, which is cardioboxing. We use real boxing moves and drills, but set them to the beat of the music for an uplifting, fun class that gives you a unique combination of both cardio and strength.

Do you want to learn proper punch techniques and hit the heavy bags?

If you want to learn how to punch and have a chance to throw some punches at the heavy bags, then our regular boxing class is perfect. During each class, the instructor will demonstrate proper punch technique for any newbies and show you how to get into your boxer’s stance, how to throw your jab, cross, hooks, and uppercuts. We will work with you during each class to refine your punches and how to move your arms, hips, and feet to pack the most power into your punches (and prevent injuries).

Do you already know how to punch, but want to get a quick, efficient workout?

If you’ve already taken a few boxing fitness (either with us or somewhere else) and you feel comfortable hitting the bag, then try our 30-minute Boxing + Bursts class. This class was created to give you a chance to throw a lot of punches and to add in some quick strength and cardio moves. The class consists of 4-minute segment blocks. During the four minutes, you are on the bag for one minute, off the bag for the next doing strength moves, then back on the bag and back off to complete the 4-minute round. You get a 30-45 second rest, then you’re back at it. And after 30 minutes, you feel great and your workout is complete!

Do you want to cycle + box in 60 minutes?

Our Pedal + Punch was created to give you the best of both worlds – a 30-minute cycling class followed by 25-30 minutes of our signature boxing fitness class. It’s cardio, it’s endurance, it’s strength – all into an efficient, fun, sweaty 60-minute workout. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a must!

Do you want to cycle, but can’t imagine sitting on the bike for too long? Or maybe you love cardio, but never lift any weights or do strength moves?

If that sounds like you, then you are the exact person who inspired us to create our Cycle + Circuit format. This workout is a combination of on and off-the-bike moves. The class starts with two 4-minute cycling songs then we hop off the bike for 4 minutes of strength work. We repeat the process (one song on the bike, one off with strength moves) for a total of 42-45 minutes. It’s not too much cycling, not too much lifting/strength – the perfect combo to give you the best of both worlds.

Do you want to do mitt work (1:1 pad work) with an instructor?

If you want to work 1:1 with one of our trainers, then let us know and we can set up a single or series of 1:1 sessions with you and the trainer of your choice!