FUEL Fit 90 Day Challenge: Fall 2017

Want to get FUELED UP

Join us for our second FUEL Fit 90 Day Challenge! From September 17th through December 15th, we will be hosting a challenge that will encourage you to get FUEL Fit<– Note: you DO NOT have to be an unlimited member and/or be physically present at the studio for every event. Most events will be livestreamed via Facebook Live within our private Facebook group (which you will have access to as soon as you join). 

What does it mean to be FUEL Fit

FUEL Fit means being happier + healthier in all aspects of your life by sweating, laughing, living, giving, + fueling your body. We use fitness as the foundation to FUEL the cycle. For the challenge, each participant will have 90 days to complete all the FUEL Fit challenges in each of the five categories, which includes: LIVE, GIVE, LAUGH, SWEAT, and FUEL. We will host a series of classes and events that are included in the challenge and will help you complete your challenge checklist.

Events will include:

  • Nutrition classes + workshops (Sugar Detox, Clean Eating 101, etc.)
  • Special workout sessions (Punch + Plyos, Cycle + Circuit, at-home workouts, etc.)
  • Live + Laugh social events (Boxing + Brews, Sweat + Shop, Healthy Happy Hour, etc.)

We will also provide resources such as:

  • At-home workout exercises
  • Healthy recipes
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Special discounts for our partner services

At the end of the 90 days (December 15th), anyone who completed the challenge will have a chance to win the grand prize – a cash pot (amount determined based on participation), a FUEL pack full of healthy treats to continuing fueling your life, and a 30-day FUEL membership to keep or share! Even if you don’t complete all of the challenges, you will still have chances to win other prizes!

Want in? (Of course you do!)

To join the challenge, complete the form below and email us to send your payment via MindBody (or you can pay by cash at the studio). Once you complete the form and submit payment, we will send the challenge packet and specific instructions! We will host a Facebook Live event on our Facebook page to discuss the details and we will officially kick off the challenge on Sunday, September 17th!!! If you have questions, feedback, or comments please email Jen at jen.crompton@fuelcyclefitness.com.

When your body is moving, your mind is moving. And a moving mind is the most powerful tool we have. Go ahead. Get FUELED UP and go #makeithappen#FUELFIT90