Boxing Fitness Gear Recommendations

When you get started with boxing fitness classes, you are going to want to make sure you have the right gear. Here are a few options for equipment that will protect you and make your experience better by providing comfort and optimizing your performance.

Hand wraps – Before putting on your gloves, hand wraps will allow you to add padding and support to your knuckles and wrists to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Most adults with average-sized hands can use hand wraps that are 180″. Here are a few options that we like:

Quick wraps – If you don’t really need the extra or customized protection that hand wraps offer (or if you just want to get your wraps on and get going), you can use quick wraps. While quick wrap options aren’t all created the same (you need to figure out which you like the best), here are a few that we like:

Boxing gloves – And of course, you want to have your own pair of boxing gloves. In general, most use 14 oz. gloves, but if you have a smaller or bigger frame or you’re looking to do more intense training, you can opt for 12 oz. or 16 oz. Note that the 12 oz. will also be cut slimmer to fit smaller hands. Here are our favorites:

Glove deodorizers – Because let’s face it, your wraps and gloves aren’t going to smell like new forever! Get these:

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